The Club Show
at Kolin - Sendrazice ZKO area on 28.4.2018
Judge Anatoli Zhuk (Belorussia)



  800 -   930    dog entrance
1000 - 1530    judging
1600 - 1630     contests
1630 - 1700     temperament test
1700 - 1730    decoration of the honoured dogs

1st DEADLINE: 1. 4. 2018
2nd DEADLINE: 15. 4. 2018
Entry forms, information:

Hana Vaneckova


 Kroucova 38


 270 54 Revnicov
 Czech Republic



The dogs are entered into clases according to CMKU/FCI Show regulations (stated at the entry form).

CAJC, CAC-CZ, Res. CAC-CZ, Best Junior of Breed, Club Winner, BOB, BOS, Best BABY, Best Puppy, Best Veteran, Best Pair, Best Breeder’s Group, The titles can not be claimed.
The Czech Junior Champion, Czech Veteran Champion, Czech Champion are granted according to FCI/CMKU rules.

- Best Pair – the competing male and female dog has to be the property of the same owner(s), as stated in their pedigree.
- Breder’s Group – there are 3 specimen, bred by one breeder, and at least two different sires/dams judged at this show.

Required documents:
- the pedigree
- Pet Passport; a valid rabbies vaccination

Entry form guidelines:
Please fill in the form by capital letters or by the typewriter. Unreadable forms will neither be accepted nor returned. The organizer is not responsible for the corectness of entered data. If there is no copy of the document required for the Working or Winner Class attached, the dog will be placed into the Open Class. The copies are not returned.
The dog can be entered in one class only. The transfer of the dog into a different class is impossible after the deadline. The admission of the dog will be confirmed in email. By signig the entry, the participant becomes liable to CMKU-FCI and FBC show rules. The participant agrees with publishing his/her address in the show catalogue. The conditions required for Working/Winners Class must be met at the day of submitting the entry.

General Rules:
The show is opened to males and females of the Fila Brasileiro breed, registered in FCI studbooks. The dog must reach the age required for the class entered at least one day before the date of the show. The organizer is not responsible for any damage o injury caused by dogs or owners, nor for the die or loss of a dog. Unleashed running of dogs is not allowed. Biting dogs must be muzzled. The organizer can refuse the entry only for serious reason. The reasons may not be in conflict with effective rules and law and must be conveyed to the applicant. Females at higher level of pregnancy, in the heat, or when nursing are not accepted, as well as dogs with cropped ears or docked tail, or dogs with a fault in exterior corrected by surgery or other veterinary means. It is not allowed to change dog’s exterior by excessive lacquering, tinting or basic treatment by trimming with long-lasting training on the desk. The owners of the dogs which has won it’s class are obliged to participate on the final decoration; in the opposite case they can’t demand their prizes.
If not stated othewise, the FCI International Show Rules and ČMKU Show Rules applies. If the show can not be held for fair reasons, the fees will be used for settling the show expenses. The entrance of puppies younger than 4 months and their sale at the show is not allowed.

The protest against the judgement will not be accepted. The protest may concern the breaking of show regulations. It must be provided in writing, with 1000 Kč principal, during the show. If the protest is not validated, the principal is given over to the show organizer.

Please enclose a copy of the pedigree (for all entered dogs) and a copy of the Proof of Trial, NW, CW, SW or Champion title when entering Winner or Working classes resp.!

Entry fee must be paid in order to accept the entry !!!
1st deadline
1. 4. 2018
2nd deadline
15. 4. 2018
1st dog incl. catalogue
2nd and next dog
Baby, Puppy, Veteran
temperament test

Payment informations:
IBAN number:
 CZ91 0300 0000 0002 1300 4048
Swift / BICcode::